Catherine Roberts is 34 years old and was raised in Toronto. She studied at the Universities of Toronto and Cambridge before moving to Australia in 2011 as an academic, teaching World History at Griffith University, UTS, and UNSW. She began writing The Spring Blog upon arriving in Brisbane as a window into her adventures Down Under for friends and family back home. Embraced by the local blogging community, The Spring quickly evolved from hobby to passion project as it gained a following that spurred Catherine to launch The Spring Shop online early in 2013. 

In May of 2014 Catherine made the leap from side-hustler to full time entrepreneur with the launch of Showroom, an innovative retail and event space housed in a hundred year old Queenslander on leafy Latrobe Terrace, Paddington. Learn More About Showroom →

In July 2015 Showroom moved downtown to a soaring heritage-listed loft at 104 Edward St in the Brisbane CBD. For it's beautiful styling and innovative approach to customer experience, Showroom was featured in many magazines and blogs (including The Design Files). Catherine was honoured as a finalist at the Queensland Telstra Business Women's Awards in the start-up category, 2015. Read The Press →

Showroom proudly featured products curated from independent and heritage brands across Australia and around the world. The mix included handcrafted wares by local makers and the shop came to function as an unofficial incubator for artisans developing their craft into viable, scalable brands. YCL Jewels is the proudest example of a now hugely successful business that got its start at Showroom.  

Based on their track record of mentoring local small businesses, in late 2015 Catherine co-ran her first Creative Marketing Training Workshops in partnership with her great friend and digital marketing guru Claire Deane. Adding PR superstar Lani Pauli to the mix they formed Homeroom, an educational platform from which she and her expert collaborators continue to help adventurous small businesses and lean start-ups develop their brands and grow their following, both online and in the real world.

Selling Showroom on in early 2016 enabled Catherine to return back to Canada, where she continues to build The Spring Collective into Homeroom's next chapter.

Catherine is a keen photographer, a determined business leader, a struggling houseplant minder, and an excellent backgammon player. She loves skating on frozen rivers and can't wait to get her canoe back in the water this northern summer.