How to Make Bagels

Everyone who regularly reads The Spring knows about my love of bagels. The hunt for a reliable source of good, cheap bagels in Brisbane hadn't been going very well, so I was pretty excited when I discovered this recipe (and handy video clip) explaining how easy it is to make them at home.* I'd never worked with yeast before and was under the misapprehension that yeast-based baking takes hours and hours of rising and pounding and rising and kneading... Not so! These bagels were created and devoured in less than an hour, so they're a feasible (and impressive) dish to whip up for a brunch party or luncheon. There are lots of classic bagel accompaniments (it's hard to look past smoked salmon with cream cheese, a sprinkling of dill and a squeeze of lemon) but my all time favourite way to enjoy a toasty hot bagel is with gooey melted mozzarella, mashed up tuna fish, sliced tomato, and avocado.

*Next time I'll tweak the recipe by omitting the whole wheat four and I'll make sure to squish down each little formed bagel before popping it in the boiling water to ensure the correct shape - some of mine did come up a little too spherical!