DIY Desiccants

When I used to think of Australia, I'd imagine vast expanses of bone-dry dessert. But dryness is one thing Brisbane has not delivered on so far. In fact, dampness has been such a problem this summer that I'm starting to worry that my clothes will go mouldy before it ever gets cool enough to wear most of them. Which led me to what I think is an ingenious solution to the mustiness lurking in the drawers of The Spring Cottage. I've created home-made desiccant sacks.

The design is simple. I filled disposable dishcloths with a cup of silica kitty litter and sewed them up into little pouches {fabric glue would also work}. I would have used dryer sheets instead of dishcloths if I could find them for their fresh laundry scent. Silica is all natural and absorbs 40% of its weight in water.

The sacks have to be replaced periodically. I'm going to change mine every two months or so, but if I wanted to be scientific I could weigh them each periodically to find out exactly how much moisture they'd absorbed. Don't forget to keep the left-over litter sealed tightly against the dampness in the air!