Are you feeling it? That sense that the Christmas season is already upon us? Here at The Spring Cottage we're definitely caught up in the festive whirlwind, preparing crafts, recipes and shop stock for the holidays. I *love* Christmas so getting a jump on the preparations is heaps of fun, but I also know that it's not all about DIY gift wrap and making the best cinnamon buns. The really special thing about this time of year is that it opens our hearts to even greater compassion and reminds us that generosity compounds joy.

When Mummy's Wish sent me the video I've posted below and asked me to take part in their annual Comfort Bear Campaign I felt instantly moved by the heartfelt contribution they're making to our community. As you'll see, Mummy's Wish is a gorgeous organisation dedicated to supporting young families whose mums are undergoing cancer treatment. Their assistance is not means tested; they come into people's lives at the most testing time and work out what practically needs to be done; they'll arrange help with housecleaning, financial assistance, memory making for terminal mums, providing meals, childcare, and provide the free hire of iPads during hospital stays so kids and mums can be together via skype at mealtimes, on the playground, and at bedtime.

Mummy's Wish offer families a shoulder to lean on and advice about how to talk to young kids about terminal diagnosis. Last year they assisted 250 Queensland families and by the end of 2013 they will have helped 730 in QLD and NSW. By 2016 the organisation hopes to have a national footprint and bring support to 3500 families each year.

Anyone whose gone through a cancer diagnosis in their own home knows what a difference help like this can make, and how important having a reliable shoulders to lean on is to making it though, whatever the outcome.

About Mummy's Wish - How We Help Mums With Cancer from Mummy's Wish

Voice-recordable Comfort Bears are just one way that Mummy’s Wish provides comfort and support to young families while their mum is undergoing cancer treatment. These bears allow mums to record a special 10 second message that the child can replay to ease their anxiety of being separated from mum while she's sometimes very far away in hospital.


Mummy's Wish Christmas Comfort Bear Auction

This cuddly white Comfort Bear is now under the hammer on The Spring Blog for a whole month to raise money for Mummy's Wish!

Bidding starts at $50 and ALL of the winning bid will go directly to helping QLD families fighting through cancer this holiday season.

If you'd like to bid on the bear, you can do it in the comments below, on facebook and on instagram (@thespringblog). I'll keep you updated on how our auction is going and the winner will be announced on December 1st. As a caring community, lets see what we can do for this gorgeous organisation!