Although I'm always promising myself that I'll take up the habit, Mr. Spring is the real letter writer in our family. He keeps up an old fashioned correspondence with a few friends living overseas and is always the one on top of sending out birthday cards, thank you notes and post cards. I think it's such an admirable practice, because the more emails that fill my inbox the more precious a hand written note from a friend becomes. And as life in general becomes increasingly digitised I find myself revealing more and more in the simple tangibility of beautiful things like really good quality stationary.

Since we lived in Europe our favourite paper brand has been Crown Mill. The Pelletier Company has been producing this unadorned luxury stationary in Brussels in 1870 and the traditional finish of the product line today replicates paper commissioned by Charles II from monks of La Hulpe monastery in the 17th century. I'm so proud to be able to share a small range of Original Crown Mill stationary - just our own favourites bits - now on The Spring Shop. If you think you might love some simple, sophisticated paper, note cards, and envelopes with a sense of provenance in your life, do come over and take a look!