It hasn't exactly been picnic weather lately in Brisbane so I'm not sure bugs in our drinks is a major problem in need of solving just this moment... But with mason jars having proven such a popular item at The Spring Shop I didn't want to wait to share this tutorial for how you can jazz up the lids for a special occasion. The idea is to swap the metal lid disc for a paper one with a punched hole to fit a paper straw. This 'craft' only takes about 30 seconds, but the results are pretty cool. A cluster of jars with these toppers looks great on a party drinks table, plus they do keep the paper straw from tipping out of the jars. And if you're hosting kids they may even keep drops of grape juice from your new white carpets as the horde races stampedes from playroom to garden.


DIY Mason Jar Lid Toppers for Paper Straws

To make these mason jar lid toppers you'll need: some coloured or kraft paper (hint: check by the scrap-booking supplies at your local dollar store), scissors, a pencil, a regular stationary hole punch, and (obviously) a mason jar.

1. Trace around the disc of the lid on the paper. 2. Cut out the circle. (If you're making a bunch, folding the paper and cutting them our in batches saves time... there's no prize for a perfectly trimmed circle here... the ring top of the mason lid hides all the edges. 3. Punch a hole in the circle at least 2cm from the edge of the jar. 4. Pop the paper into the ring top, screw it onto your jar, and stick your paper straw in. Mine fit perfectly, but you hole is a little tight, snip a tiny slit to loosen it.