Bunting was big in 2012, but I'm calling 2013 for cake flags. These portable party makers turn any dessert into a celebration centrepiece, and if your 'flag poles' are long enough there's plenty of room for birthday candles to tuck in right underneath. I made my first batch of cake flags to decorate Mr. Spring's birthday pancakes, but I've since come up with three easy designs using skewers from the dollar store strung with twine and fabric tapes from The Spring Shop.

Twine Pendants


1. Loop a length of twine twice and tie them to the top of a skewer or toothpick.

2. Cut through the loops, trim to your desired length, and twist the ends of your strands to fray.

Tape Flags


1. Cut a strip of fabric tape, peel of the backing, place the top of a skewer in the middle of the sticky side, and fold the tape on itself, matching up the corners and edges, to create the basic flag.

2. Trim the end into a point, a chevron, or a square edge and repeat until you have enough flags to decorate your cakes.

Cake Bunting


1. Cut a length of twine about equal to the diameter of your cake and tie it on to two skewers.

2. Snip rectangles of fabric tape, peel off the backing, and fold it on itself over the twine to create little bunting squares.

3. Continue along until your garland is complete. Leave the little flags square or snip the corners to create triangles.

If you'd like to make your own cake flags you'll find all the tapes and twines I used in my versions here. For more inspiration, you can also check out our twine and tape pin boards.