Today I want to tell you about something that's changed my life. It's a dehumidifier. A totally magical piece of equipment I can't believe I waited so long to buy. Disclaimer: Although this post goes on like a ridiculous advertorial, I chose our dehumidifier myself and paid full price. I'm raving about it now because it's TOO GOOD not to share.

Y'all know how much I love The Spring Cottage, except for this one thing: it's damp. When Brisbane gets rain our walls grow mildew and my beautiful clothes turn musty with mould. It's gross and it drives me crazy. Sound familiar my sub-tropical friends? Can I get a witness?

The only person more incensed by our soggy state of affairs was Mr. Spring. I say 'was' because like a true romantic I did my research and bought him a top of the line dehumidifier for his birthday last week. And can I tell you, this puppy has already pulled litres of moisture from our bedding, carpets, his books, and our clothes. (Including my most beloved antique Chinese silk evening coat that I thought I'd never wear again because no matter how many times I had it dry cleaned it kept developing a horrible mildewy stench.) The whole house is smelling fresher and healthier and I'm not exaggerating when I tell you - it feels like a miracle.


What is this dream machine?

So glad you asked! We got a Slimline 12L Climate Dehumidifier. It's not the cheapest model on the market, nor the most expensive. Here's why we love it - the design is clean and sleek, it's super quiet (makes about as much noise as a ceiling fan), and it shuts off automatically when the 2L water catcher fills up so there's no risk of a spill. It's also light enough that I can easily move it from room to room, small enough to tuck away in my very full closet, and it only uses 57¢ of power ever 10 hours. Bargain.

A Special Offer from Damp Solutions Australia

I was so impressed with our dehumidifier (and the fact that after I put off buying it until the last minute, it was delivered to The Cottage in less than 2 days, just in time for the birthday morning unveiling!) that I emailed a copy of this post to Damp Solutions as a 'thank you' testimonial. Darryl then wrote back thanking me for my kind words with an offer to pass on to you... So... The Spring's readers get 10% off all purchases over $100 with the code SSOffer10 at checkout until the end of May AND a free phone consultation with a Damp Solutions technician to save you time and take all the guesswork out of finding the right machine for you. Just call them at 1300 353043. Thanks Darryl!


What you need to consider when buying a dehumidifier

If I've convinced you that a dehumidifier will change your life too, here's what you need to know before buying...

  • To stop musty smells forming, the humidity level in your house should be below 65%
  • As a rule of thumb, a 20L room dehumidifier will handle 1-2 rooms up to 80 square meters and is capable of removing large quantities of water efficiently. Our 12L works well in a single room and can be moved around as needed. (The number of litres = how much water the machine can pull from the air in a day, so if you live in Darwin, maybe go the 20L!)
  • Some chew through a lot more, but on average The Climate dehumidifier uses very little power and costs about 57¢/10hrs  to run. By comparison, an A/C unit can cost up to  $4.50/day.
  • Get a good filter that's easy to clean. If you run your machine regularly, you'll want to give it a going over once a month.
  • Check the size and weight to ensure your machine will fit in smaller spaces (like a closet) and be easy to move around.
  • If you want to be able to run the dehumidifier when you're sleeping, watching tv, or trying to work, getting a quiet model is a huge priority. Aim for < 46 dB @ 1 metre - a lot of models on the market are super noisy.
  • Any reservoir tank smaller than 2L will have to be emptied frequently. If your machine doesn't switch off automatically when the tank is full - and there are many that don't - you could have a very messy problem on your hands.
  • If you travel it may be nice to set up your machine to turn on for an hour every day, but you'll have to make sure you have a line to drain the water as it builds up in the reservoir.
  • Dehumidifiers made awesome clothes driers because they avoid sun damage, shrinkage, and use less than 1/10th the electricity of a standard drier.