Old Wares

I realised that I haven't done any home decor posts since moving back to The Spring Cottage so I thought it high time to let you all see how things have been shaping up. We've scrounged a couple of lovely new old things for the summer room  (yes, there's a winter room too, and there'll be more on that later!) which I'm particularly keen to show you round. I've had a run of good antique-centre-luck in coming up with the vintage polka-dot enamel jug and scored an old hospital I.V. stand from the tip that I've re-purposed into a reading lamp. However the real coup de grace  is the coffee table made from the beautiful wooden trunk Mr. Spring's great  grandfather built to carry his tools to a job on the railway. I designed the simple base and had it custom welded and then attached it with a few small screws for stability. I don't mean to take too much of the credit, but I've never had a piece of furniture that made me quite so happy every time I see it.