Just A Minute in... September*

Reading... Articles about Caribbean Social Sciences research in the 1950s and 1960s (PhD related). The September Issues of Vogue and Elle from my trip to London (weekend related... see photo).

Drinking... Lots of Dilmah extra strong. And green juice. Always with spinach and cucumber, sometimes with watermelon or pineapple.

Listening... to Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin and Mr. Spring. We've been having a lot of heart to hearts this month and planned some big exciting life changes for 2013.

Watching... From up on my balcony, people going about their lives down on the street. It's so lovely to sit out and watch the world go by now that the sun is warm again. Also, Call the Midwife on ABC - I love Miranda Hart!

Loving... Elisabeth Arden 8 hour cream on my lips (it's better than Pawpaw people.... there... I said it!), poppies from the farmers market, soft cotton Breton striped tees, and bare feet slipped into cosy suedey loafers.

* The Just a Minute in... series is a regular feature on Liss' blog Daydream Lily - I enjoyed her August post so much I thought I'd give writing my own list of monthly favourites a try... I'd love to hear what your September bests have been too!