Gluten-free update: day 26

I totally jinxed myself!

Last week I wrote about how healthy I was feeling, how I was getting on top of meal planing, and how my nutrient-packed food choices were keeping seasonal illnesses at bay. I was feeling pretty smug... And then I came down with a sinus infection.

Before the plague hit, I'd been feeling very successful this past week. I fit comfortably into a pair of shorts that have been too tight since 2005. Score! I ramped up my workout intensity and set a few personal bests. Yea me!

But between 5 sessions at the gym, holiday parties, symphony tickets, birthday parties, and Christmas shopping, I've been a lot busier than usual after work. As a result, meal organisation has suffered. I know that a table spoon of cashew butter is NOT a good dinner... but having failed to do proper shopping or cooking ahead of time, it came to that as I was scrambling to get out the door one night last week! At parties where appetisers and desserts are being passed around, there often isn't a single thing I can eat. It's tough out there this time of year for aspiring paleo-people!

This diet continues to be frustrating for me a lot of the time, but knowing I'm supporting my fitness goals rather than sabotaging them does feel good. In past social situations, I've found it difficult to say no to foods I knew weren't good for me. Either I didn't want to seem rude, or I didn't want to deprive myself when everyone else was tucking in to all that delicious junky food. I think this is a problem for a lot of people, especially around the holidays. I still plan to enjoy my favourite traditional foods with my family on Christmas day, but at all the events leading up to the 25th, I've been able to simply say to myself and others, "I'm gluten free" or "I can't have sugar." It's so simple, I don't have to think about to what degree I've over-indulged, and I have no regrets. Come New Year's Day I'm still going to fit into those cute little shorts, I'll still be setting personal bests at Cross Fit Quantum, and I won't be sorry that I didn't eat a load of mini cheesy quiches or shortbread cookies.

This week I'll be forced to slow it down. I'll be skipping the gym, staying in bed, and trying to kick this sinus malady as quickly as possible. Oh, and I'll be sure to eat my veggies. And cashew butter.