Katoomba | Part 2

{Echo Point in the morning mist}

As previously discussed, I've completely fallen in love with the Blue Mountains; they're the perfect antidote to city life and so I can't resist sharing a few more photos of my favourite Katoomba attractions. (A really good cup of hot chocolate counts as a town attraction, yes?)

I think it's brilliant - and rare - that you can hop on a train in the middle of the big harbour city and two hours later emerge in a beautiful mountain town with fabulous places to eat and shop, where everything, including the trail-heads, is within easy walking distance. I can see this trip becoming a semi-regular way for Mr. Spring and I to indulge our love of country pursuits (by which I obviously mean walking among trees and eating large scones, nothing to do with shooting or Land Rovers). For us, the perfect Katoomba day looks something like this, and if you have a few favourite Blue Mountain spots of your own, I'd love for you to share them!

{classic mid-century Katoomba hotels}

{Breakfast at Fresh on Katoomba St.}

{Antique book and treasure hunting at Mr. Pickwick's Emporium}

{Vintage shops on Katoomba St. offering an extraordinary range of fur, crystals, and costume jewellery}

{The Three Sisters lit by the afternoon sun}

{Hot chocolate at the Paragon Cafe, a heritage-listed Art Deco bar/restaurant specialising in hand-made confectionery - like those marshmallows. If you go in the late afternoon, the waiters  serve in tuxes and tails.}

{Autumn colours in the setting sun}

Katoomba Itinerary for the Sydney Day-Tripper

1. Head straight from the train station down Katoomba St to Echo Point to take in the valley under its blanket of cloud and mist in the morning light.

2. Trace your path back into down for a late breakfast and a poke around the shops.

3. Stroll over to the neighbouring (and prettier/more twee) town of Leura, to the Carrington Hotel for high tea, or back to the ridge for a bushwalk.

4. Find your way to the Three Sisters in the mid-afternoon to enjoy the rose-gold light on this majestic natural monument.

5. Return to the train station at Katoomba via a cocktail/cream tea at The Paragon Cafe.