Brisbane & Gold Coast Bloggers Meetup


A year ago I didn't know a single soul in Australia who wasn't a relation in-law, so it was pretty amazing to find myself hanging out in a hip Gold Coast bar last night with a whole group of women (and one man) who felt like fast friends. I'd never actually met most of the other bloggers in 'real life' before, but we certainly weren't stuck on small talk. When you've taken a peek into someone's life, shared your creative passions, and can name the last 5 things they bought on Asos, you're already on another level. The thing about this group of bloggers is that we all do it a little differently, we have individual interests and big lives offline too. It's lovely to be part of such a supportive scene, and maybe it's because we're all happily doing our own thing that we can so enjoy championing each other's success. What I do know for sure is that last night was the best party I've been to in a long time, and I'm so gratified to have become bloggy friends with all of these beautiful ladies (and Kris)!


A huge thanks to Rach, Claire, and Jas for organising the meetup, and to the charmingly retro Stingray Lounge at the QT Hotel in Surfer's Paradise for their hospitality. (For the record, their casa dias are seriously good, and the cocktail they do with grapefruit and cucumber is definitely worthy of a repeat visit!)

* I was a very bad blogger and didn't get any decent shots of the meetup in the dimly lit bar... oops! ... but I will link to other blogger's much better photos as they are posted. All images via QT Gold Coast.