Weathered by Water

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When the weather is fine I want to soak up every moment, but when steamy heat turns to big summer rain I figure it's time to give cultural pursuits their turn. This weekend we took in three impressive exhibitions at the Cultural Centre {the Matisse show & drawing room, Eugene von Guérard & Yayoi Kusama} and riffled through the Lifeline Book Sale just a hop, skip, and a puddle jump away at the Convention Centre. A new pile of books is nice, but a new pile of books on a cloudy day in a cosy nook with a  big pot of tea and mouthwatering muffin is way better, so at the risk of sounding like an intellectual philistine, I'll admit that discovering In-cog-neato - the coolest little South Brisbane hole-in-the-wall with seriously good refreshments - was for me a very good day's undeniable highlight.

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