Young Designers Market


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One of the things I love best about Australia is the thriving culture around hipster craftiness, love of vintage, and an appreciation for independent designers, artisans, writers and even baristas (coffees and muffins are gooooood here). On the first Sunday of every month in Brisbane, devotees of this creative set come out to South Bank for the Young Designers Market, and yesterday, so did I. There's something of a 'sisters doing it for themselves' spirit about these events (see here& here too), and I feel heartened when I find women of any age taking up traditional skills, thoroughly modernising them, enjoying it, and finding entrepreneurial value in the expression of an aesthetic sensibility aimed at pleasing no one but themselves, and each other.

What are your favourite markets in Brisbane or beyond? Do you get the feeling that markets in your area are derivative and samey, or do you get that buzz of seeing something new from them?

Information on the Brisbane Designers whose work is pictured above:

South Bank Young designers featured {left to right from top} 1. Wear Ya Bin 2. Seam Magazine 3. Spiritfire Designs 4. Alice Nightingale 5. Sae Miyazaki 6. Ghost and Lola 7. Gone Dotti 8. Blaze Ceramics (leave a comment if you'd like their email to get in touch!)