Keeping a Stress Log


In business (as in life) things that stress us out, take up mental bandwidth, and drive us crazy are unavoidable. But given that stress isn't all that supportive of creativity, health, or fun... I've been on a mission to manage the things that make me fret a little better in my work this year. This tip from Marie Forleo has been a real help so far - for the past couple of months I've been keeping a stress log, (video link: Stop Stress: The Crazy Simple Stress-Busting Tool You're Not Using) which is just a regular brain dump of all the things, big and small, causing worry. Here's why it's working for me: 

  1. It's cathartic. Writing down what's making me feel anxious, whether it's tasks I have to complete or doubts I'm battling, is the first step to removing the chaos of worry from my head by stashing it safely in a notebook. 

  2. It automatically creates perspective. Stress is an overwhelming feeling and tends to make everything seem harder. When you can see on paper that, actually, there're only a handful of things causing you worry it's easier to see that stress as manageable. 

  3. It's actionable. Once you articulate the problems that are causing you stress, you can begin to figure out how to deal with them yourself or together with your team. 

  4. It reveals patterns. Are there certain things about your life and business that continually cause stress? Are these things that you can ditch? delegate? Change your perspective on? Create permanent solutions to put them to bed once and for all?