Showroom 2.0 | We're Moving!

For the past few weeks I've been busy like a duck, paddling furiously under the water while on the surface doing my best to get smoothly on with business as usual. Aside from running the shop and building an updated version of it's e-comerce sister site, I've been negotiating a new home for Showroom and The Spring Shop in the Brisbane CBD. My hardball game was strong and now I can finally announce (giddily!) that the deal is done and #teamshowroom is preparing to close down in Paddington and pop right back up in the city all within the month of July!

As it goes with many big changes, this one came about through a combination of successes and failures. And I think it's important to talk about both, because entrepreneurship really is all about the ups and the down. Success, it seems to me, hinges on how honest and responsive we're willing to be in the face of everything our businesses throw up. Changing won't be easy for us (oh, the packing!) or our customers who love to visit us up on Latrobe, but I know it's the right decision at the right time for the business and all the artisanal brands we support. Here's why:

Over the past year and a half since we opened our doors I've grown more confident as a curator with a keener eye for how I want to represent Showroom aesthetically. I'm proud of the warm, welcoming feel of our Paddo Queenslander, but I have made the mistake of adding products into our mix that didn't quite fit because I hoped they'd cater to broader tastes and generate revenue.

Maintaining the discipline of a strong point of view is something I've learned; our new herritage-listed, loft-style city space will feel just as beautifully welcoming as our first home, but Showroom 2.0 will have a cooler edge that reflects our clean, modern take on heritage and hand crafted design. The downtown shop ticks all the boxes for how I want Showroom to look, and, with the addition of air conditioning, it's going to be such a pleasure helping people find the perfect gifts come the holiday season in this bright, airy new space!

Alongside the factors pulling is into the city, there's also a push away from the suburbs. Simply put, it's been challenging to attract enough shoppers to sleepy Paddington throughout the week. In order to make enough money to take on excellent staff and become everything I envision this business to be, I think it's important to move to a more customer-rich environment - the kind of place where a specialised shop like ours can really thrive.


There are few, if any, beautiful independent designs shops in the Brisbane CBD, so I hope city-goers will find the addition of Showroom to their midsts an exciting prospect! We'll be at 104 Edward St, across from Metro Arts and sharing a building with Le Bon Choix. Close to Folio Books and equidistant from the Queen Street Mall and the Botanic Gardens, we love this little indy pocket of the city and can't wait to be spending our days downtown amid the hustle and busle . 

Key Dates:

Sunday, July 12 | Last day of trading at 135 Latrobe Tce.

Monday, July 27 | First day of trading at 104 Edward St.