Soak Society


It seems like everywhere I turn (ok, by everywhere I mean my instagram feed and a few favourite boutiques I browse infrequently) natural bath soaks and body scrubs are having a moment. And since the thing I love most after a long day spent researching what's trending on the local artisanal scene is a long hot bath, I set out to discover whether there might be a great young brand in this category here in Brisbane to invite into the #teamshowroom fold.

Enter Soak Society. 

Not only are Soak Society's products beautiful and ethical, but they really work. I mean legitimately, this recipe has science on its side. The soaks are mixed with lovely clays that feel wonderful on the skin and soothing essential oils, but the real work horse on which all the soaks rely for efficacy is Epson Salt.

I didn't know before chatting with Soak Society's founder Natalie (who hand mixes every sachet) that Epsom Salt isn't really salt. Rather, it's magnesium sulphate, a mineral many people are deficient in. Magnesium sulphate can be effectively absorbed through the skin and is necessary for maintaining proper calcium levels in the body. It's also necessary for the body to bind adequate amounts of serotonin, a mood elevating chemical in our brains responsible for feelings of well-being and relaxation. Epson salt also relieves muscle soreness, regulate electrolytes and enzymes, help the body absorb important nutrients eliminate toxins, and make you sleepy, so it's a perfect addition to a bedtime routine. No wonder a long soak feels so good!