New Projects: Introducing Homeroom

Tell us if this sounds familiar. You’re a creative, a maker, a small business owner. You’re neck deep in designing, ordering, dispatching, marketing. Maybe you lead a team or maybe you’re a one-woman-show; either way, you know that the success of your business is down to you. You’ve chosen this path and taken the leap. Even though it can be a little terrifying, you’re determined to define success on your own terms and make it happen.

Homeroom is a collaborative platform for sharing distilled inspiration and practical advice, all delivered by people who’re out there in the area themselves. 

My partner in this new venture is Claire Deane; friend, yoga coach, and personal marketing guru. Claire is an experienced and knowledgeable business coach; after working in digital marketing for over 10 years, she realised the biggest barrier for small businesses was a lack of confidence in their ability to leverage their web presence. Like me, Claire believes passionately in the ethos of #shopsmall and wants to help this new generation of more digitally savvy business owners fine tune their skills, bring their own incredible projects into the world with, and make great money doing it all, via the web.  

Our first project has been the development of a Survey of Australian Creative Entrepreneurs. Our study is designed to open a dialogue about entrepreneurship in Australia at the level of the creative small business. We believe that collaboration is the lifeblood of creative people and we'll be sharing the data and insights gained from the survey freely with our colleagues so that we can all learn from the hard won experiences of each other. 

Over the next few weeks we'll also be launching a comprehensive curriculum of short courses, full day immersives and downloadable guides guaranteed to inspire business owners looking to kick their brands up a notch. We're about delivering the practical, tried and tested advice we all need to help us skill up in the areas where we're weaker and enable us to kick some serious biz goals.

Stay tuned for our upcoming events - we can't wait to share what we have planned with you!