DIY Foodie Gifts


1. Vegan pumpkin caramels

These vegan caramels, which easily won themselves a place in the category of 'best things I made in 2015' are sticky, delectable, creamy on the inside, salty-sweet on the outside, subtly spiced, satisfying, simple, and pretty much healthy. Boom. 


2. Paleo gingerbread cookies

 First, they are so seriously good that no one will suspect them of being gluten and dairy free, and everyone can enjoy them. Second, they make the whole house smell incredibly festive while they're baking, and that is a good thing. Third, they are the perfect texture for cut-outs, which is super fun.


3. Decadent salted caramel sauce

Salted caramel sauce isn't the sort of thing I want hanging around my fridge all the time (self restraint isn't my superpower) but for a special occasion it's simple & cheap to make, a bone fide crowd pleaser, and as I can personally attest, when packaged in a pretty glass bottle, makes a brilliant gift.


4. Home-made no churn ice cream

No churn ice cream was my finest discovery last summer and this coconut version was a huge hit at The Spring Cottage last Christmas. 


5. Perfect baked granola

It turns out that granola is so easy to make that ever since I learned this recipe I haven't picked up a store bought version again. It makes the house smell incredible as it bakes so the whole simple process of preparing, gifting, and enjoying the stuff is pure pleasure from start to delicious finish.