Day in the Life | Friday, October 30


6:45 AM | Woke up to N setting a mug of tea down on my bedside table. I knew immediately it would be a good day. 

9:10 AM | Still lounging in bed, on Pinterest when I realise I've left myself 10 minutes to shower, dress, apply makeup, and head out the door. 

10:25 AM | I was for the Nodo grand opening due to Newstead parking chaos but that didn't matter. The place was packed out, the doughnuts were INCREDIBLE, and it was lovely catching up with some ladies I'd last seen at Kiss The Berry's spring menu launch. 

11:00AM | Before heading to the shop I stopped by West Elm on James St. I'd avoided going in because I'd been feeling insecure... I was worried that this new, cool brand coming in from the States would sell similar products at better prices than I can't compete with, and that my shop was at risk of losing customers. It's amazing what problems we can build up in our imaginations, because what I observed was that although we share some product categories in common, the presentation, the feeling (the quality, in many cases) you get from being in Showroom and in West Elm is totally different. It was a good reminder to run my own race and not allow comparison to steal any of my joy as a business owner - I think we probably all need to remember that sometimes. 


11:30AM | Arrived at Showroom where Anwyn was holding down the shop. Worked on some photography and packaged online orders. 

1:00PM | Our Brisbane Hidden Gems brochure (produced by Anwyn and me) arrived from the printers in the morning, so at lunchtime Claire and I met at Lennon's to brainstorm how to spread the word about the project so as many people can get their hands of a physical or digital copy as possible. 

2:30PM | I hit the pavement in the CBD, handing out stacks of brochures to hotels and other businesses associated with the Hidden Gems project. 

3:15PM | Tea and more photography at Showroom. I like to set aside time on Friday afternoons to catch up on business admin like payroll, scheduling content, and making to do lists for the coming week. 

6:10PM | N walked down from his office on the other side of town and we drive home together. We always joke that the 15 minutes we spend sitting in traffic together with no devices or distractions is the most romantic part of our workday routines.

7:30 | I ran the bath with the new lavender and camomile bath salts from Soak Society that arrived in store this week. Heaven. After my soak N and I curled up with tortellini soup and a mini Peaky Blinders marathon. Then it was lights out since Saturday was another work day...