Over the weekend great local design was indeed found and kept. Brisbane Finders Keepers finders keepers Brisbane duos2Brisbane Finders Keepersfinders keepers Brisbane duosBrisbane Finders KeepersBrisbane Finders KeepersBrisbane Finders KeepersBrisbane Finders Keepers

I was so excited to post these shots on Monday morning as I basked in the sunny after-glow of the Finders Keepers weekend… But when I flipped up my laptop lid and hit 'refresh' on The Spring Blog I discovered to my horror that the blog. had. died.


This was the first time that something has broken on this site that was too complicated for me to fix…  Too complicated, largely, because the root cause is still a complete mystery to me. In an email weeks ago (which I barely read) my web host had announced automated PHP upgrades across all sites. I didn't bother much about it since the only thing I know about PHP files is not to mess with them.

Luckily my new friend Jess recommended the loveliest blog fixer Lis who got straight onto my web troubles and has me back online, stress free.

Amazing. THANK YOU.

And back to Finders Keepers.

The two market days set a blistering pace of greeting, chatting, and selling to the design-savvy crowds that pack the beautiful Old Museum site. The buzz about the place is tremendous and and for all the brands its such a significant event in our calendars that even the seasoned designers (myself included) get a few butterflies in our stomachs before the doors fling open and the first rush begins. The Spring Shop stall was so busy I didn't personally get much of a chance to explore, so my creative intern Anwyn stopped by to take these photos on the Sunday afternoon.

You'll be seeing much more of Anwyn's work on the blog soon because we're starting an exciting project together next week, so stay tuned for that!