We cram our weekend into one day – the only day we have together – and try to make it twice as good. We call it #MagicMonday. [ezcol_1third]It's the best.

That’s how we came to find ourselves in Dayboro. Nestled at the foot of Mt Mee, the sleepy 1.5 streets are self-styled as the ‘town of yesteryear’. There are plenty of cafes (all but one of which is closed on Mondays) and the very Kinfolk workshop collective Smith and Barton.

If we’d been more organized we’d have chosen a walking track in the forest reserve to tackle. Instead we just wound the windows down cruised past honesty boxes, homesteads overlooking fields and valleys, Blueridge lavender farm, and a vineyard too, stopping road side to stroll down a quiet lane and soak in the rural idyll.[/ezcol_1third] [ezcol_2third_end]