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I've shown quite a few terrariums planted with cacti and succulents on The Spring blog over the past year, but getting my hands dirty in Wilde Flora's terrarium workshop at Showroom took my skills to the next level...

I'm talking delicate greens like ferns and moss - and a few weeks on I'm pleased (and slightly stunned) to report that they're all still alive!

The secret in is the layers - it turns out a proper terrarium starts with small gravel, charcoal, sphagnum moss, soil, then the plants, a top layer of green moss and finishes with the placing of a beautiful crystal to amplify the good vibes.

What's so cool about this method is that it creates a microcosm of the natural world that regulates its own climate and stands up to the elements (even my benign neglect… I'm a chronic under-waterer) better than a pot plant could ever manage. So as far as greening the Spring Cottage goes, Wilde's terrariums are absolute winner.

If you'd like to make your own Showroom regularly run terrarium making workshops led by Caroline. They're usually on Sunday afternoons and tickets are $95.

(that's less than the cost of one fully finished large terrarium, and you can easily make the equivalent in the class).

You can bring your own glassware (big or small) or pick something up in the shop.

I'll be on hand helping out with tea and cookies.

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