[ezcol_1third] There are two reasons I want to share these two photos with you today.

1. You might remember (way back) a DIY wedding favours post featuring tiny rose gold pots planted with even tinier succulents. (Take a moment to click over if you need a refresher...) Anyway, they were completely adorable and I'm so pleased to be able to share how the bride styled them along the centre of her long, white wedding banquet table. The whole scene is so beautiful, don't you think? Dreamy and just beautiful.

2. The bride in question is one half of the creative duo you might remember from a lovely Brisbane blog called Sweet Lime & Spiced Tea that sadly went on indefinite hiatus at the end of 2012. We became friends and the blog was one of my favourites - a daily read I still miss - so I'm thrilled that the girls have teamed up again to bring us a brand new site to fall in love with: The Ever After Story.

Jas & Claire's new venture is a wedding site dedicated foremost to helping local brides find their perfect venue. From there, through a variety of stylishly curated content, they offer up personalised inspiration for putting all those other details into place. If you're getting married (or just love a bit of romance!) The Every After Story is one you'll want to bookmark.

Photo credit: Natalie McComas 

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