[ezcol_1third] I was looking for a way to create mason jar lanterns that don't involve a giant open flame when I discovered LED solar lights at my local dollar store. They charge out in the sun all day and give off the perfect glow when evening comes. I image hanging them all throughout the trees in our back garden, although for now a pair on the edge of the verandah and one as a night light by the bathroom sink do very nicely.

ps. If you love the blue mason jars, you can get 'em over here.

DIY Mason Jar Solar Lanterns


  • mason jars
  • a hammer and a nail
  • small solar garden lights
  • super glue
  • string or wire for hanging the lanterns


1. First you need to make a hole in the top of your mason jar lid through which the solar panel will collect light. I used one o the plates I designed for my mason jar pendant lights, but you can easily make your own. Just draw a circle on the mason jar lid as a size guide. Then tap tap tap around it with the hammer and nail, creating enough punctures until finally the centre pops out. Et voila.

2. Twist apart a garden solar light, removing the solar LED unit from its casing.

3. Dot glue around the centre hole in your mason jar lid and stick the solar panel to it, sunny side up and bulb side pointing down into the jar.

4. Pop the lid onto the jar and charge up during the day. Let it glow up in the trees or beside your little one's bedside at night.

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