Three Simple DIY Pickle Recipes

three simple pickle recipes to make at home
three simple pickle recipes to make at home

Pickling may sound like the sort of thing best left to Grannies at the CWA, but I'm over here today blogging about  how simple, cheap, and satisfying preserving stuff in pretty jars can be.

You can pickle more things than you might realise - cucumbers, of course, by also red onions, onions with fruit like cherries or berries, rhubarb, strawberries, baby carrots, baby daikon, broccoli stems… If you can name it, you can probably pickle it. And all you'll need is a glass vessel (mason jars are traditional), some fruit or veg, and a few cups of spiced brine.

To show y'all how it's done, I've come up with three delicious pickle recipes that take minutes to prepare and then just sit on the shelf, getting better and better the longer you leave them to do their own thing. If you fancy livening up your next meal with crisp, homemade dill cucumber pickles, luminous pink pickled red onion, or tangy sweet pickled strawberries (they are crazy good… and who would even have thought it possible?) then this foodie DIY is my Monday morning gift to you.