Cradle Mountain was always going to be a highlight of our Tasmania road trip. [ezcol_1third]


Mr. Spring had grand plans to scale the peak, and I'd been looking forward to the luxurious spa cabin I'd booked for us at the Pepper's Cradle Mountain Lodge.

The drive up to the windswept, scrubby plateau where we made our home for a few nights was stunningly beautiful. So were our digs.

The mountain, however, remained elusive, shrouded in thick cloud, mist, and rain for most of our stay. We did a few walks, but each time we left the cabin we were so thoroughly soaked and chilled that we soon gave up on doing much more than lazing by the fire. There was one break in the weather just about long enough to get down to Dove Lake to see the twin Cradle peaks - before another ice storm swept in.

Though I'm sure we would have enjoyed more activities in sun, the bleakness of the days did lend an atmosphere and romance to our stay... and got me out of an 8 hour rock scramble too.

One thing we didn't bargain for was the e-tox (like detox, but for internet junkies) that the Cradle Mountain Lodge had in store for us - there was no phone reception, internet, or television, and so we had no choice but to go completely unplugged. It was harder that it should have been - the beauty of the place made my instagram trigger finger itchy.

Overall I think the enforced serenity added to the decadence of the whole experience... after all... who wouldn't like a holiday on which the toughest decision of the day is whether to attach the dishes laid out on the gorgeous breakfast buffet thematically or in alphabetical order?

The last morning we woke up to SNOW blowing off the mountain and covering everything around the lodge. It was the first time I've seen anything like it in Australia!

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