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Turner's Beach

The Bass Strait, which pounds into Tasmania's North Coast is one mean looking stretch of open water. This time of year it's all bone-chilling, foamy, surf and distant rainstorms out at sea... and it's hard to imagine any other way. We had Turner's Beach all to ourselves as far as the eye could see, which wasn't much wonder as the desolate wind whipped rivulets of sand around our ankles and the clouds threatened to open again. Still, walking meditatively along this stretch of coast was one of my favourite moments of the trip, and the seashell collecting was top notch.

Lillico and the Little Penguins

Back along the coast toward Devonport, Lillico Beach is home to a colony of tiny fairy penguins who come out from the sea each evening at dusk to mate and tend their nests. Spring/Summer is the season for viewing Fairy Penguins, but we arrived at an inopportune hour in the early afternoon and didn't have all day to spend waiting on them. Keep them in mind though, because we'll be retuning to the matter of little penguin stalking later in the trip!


Devonport is a small, interesting town, with big old tankers in at the docks and handful of lovely shops and cafes tucked in the back streets and laneways behind the main drag. Mostly it's famous for being where the ferry from Melbourne pulls in. We had a late lunch at Lane Way Cafe which featured (no surprise in Tassie) extremely delicious, wholesome, and thoughtfully prepared food made from locally sourced ingredients and super friendly staff to chat over it all with. We highly recommend.

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