savoury cornbread surprise recipe
savoury cornbread surprise recipe

Cornbread is good. Cornbread surprise is exciting.

I invented Savoury Cornbread Surprise to serve alongside the soup at our Thanksgiving brunch, and since the family voted it "Best New Dish 2013" I knew I had to share.

I've advocated for the simple pleasure of a good cornbread recipe once or twice on this blog before, but this is the one I'm loving most for summer entertaining and picnics. The exciting name belies a simple dish; it's just my traditional cornbread recipe with a few surprises - like sweet corn, baby spinach, chunks of feta, and semi-dried tomatoes - thrown in for extra deliciousness.

For family style meals I love to serve this in a cast iron skillet right on the table, and for picnics or packed lunches I suggest making up in muffin form to make the eating even easier! Enjoy!

Savoury Cornbread Surprise

1. Prepare a traditional cornbread batter (my favourite recipe is over here)

2. Cut the kernels from an ear of corn and sauté them in about a tablespoon of butter. Add in a large handfuls of baby spinach and leave it to wilt.

3. Stir your corn and spinach mixture into your batter along with 100g of cubed feta (haloumi's also delish) and as many semi or sun-dried tomatoes as you like.

4. Pour your batter into a cast iron skillet or a muffin tin, and bake in a 450F oven for 20 minutes.