[ezcol_1third] After a mind bending couple of days at the Pro Blogger Event (more on that to come, I promise!), yesterday morning Mr. Spring and I made an early start to set up The Spring Shop marquee at The Village Markets. Once everything had been arranged to my satisfaction (or 'vignetted' as we're now calling it) my gallant partner graciously, and slightly anxiously, took his first turn manning the stall while I met up with the girls at the TVM Bloggers Breakfast.

I haven't had the chance to properly process everything I learned this weekend, but one thing I know for sure... There's nothing like swapping tales of your strikes and gutters with energetic, creative women who totally get what you're trying to do. And these girls, every last one of them, are funny! Bloggy friends, new and old, give me such a boost and they've always been the best part of this kinda strange online gig.

Sarah and Marissa from The Village Markets put on a beautiful spread for us all featuring the best super-food breakfast bowls from the Gourmet Goons (I get one for my breakkie at every market), delicious cold pressed juices from Tonic Juice Co (which I'd never tried before because they always sell out SO fast!), all topped off with sweetly stamped treats from Cupcake Craft ('cause I like to start my day feeling balanced).

After the eating and laughing I went back to the shop to relieve Mr. Spring who, it was very relieved indeed - retail sales, I think we can safely say, are not his calling). While the other bloggers toured the markets, snapping all the gorgeous stall and shopping up a storm. I can't wait to see what you girls picked up on insty! You can check out all the talent at #tvmbloggerbreakfast (from where I've poached a few of the images above).

* Bloggers who breakfasted:

Amanda – Shop in Style Escapes Catherine – The Spring Blog Jaz – Fizzle Out Maria – Crashing Red Sophie – Peppa Hart Rachel – In Spaces Between Jess – IamKonstantinos Fabilha & Tasfiha – Inside in, Inside Out Sammi – Chase.Dakota Nikki – Styling You Vanisha –Vanisha’s Life in Australia Carly - Carly Findlay, Fiona – iRespect Online Janina – Piccadilly Market Nicole and PJ – PJ Millhouse Skye – Skylark and Son

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