In which I turn 31 and celebrate on the open road to Byronshire. [ezcol_1third]

Because there were no markets on for The Spring Shop this weekend, on Saturday morning Mr. Spring and I jumped in the car and headed out on the road for a beautiful day in Byron Bay.

Our first stop was breakfast in Bangalow, but when we arrived around 9am the town was virtually parked out. We had unwittingly arrived just in time for the Byron Farmers Markets and Sample Food Festival. Once we worked out just what was happening it sounded delicious, so after a leisurely meal at Utopia we joined the crowds milling around the Bangalow Showground among the dozens of beautiful displays put on by the region's best producers.

After having our fill in foodie heaven and snooping around some favourite Bangalow antique shops, we wound our way down to Cape Byron to walk the Lighthouse track.

Whales eluded us, but from the cliffs we spotted frolicking dolphins and a big old stingray swimming through the clear water below. Coming off the track we dove straight into the sea ourselves for the first ocean swim on the season, then it was back to Byron town for a very late lunch, a spot of excellent people watching, and the sunset drive back home again.

We finished off the evening at The Spring Cottage with chocolate birthday cake, presents, and televised election coverage in front of the fire. Regime changes not withstanding it was a marvellous day... and the ideal start to my new year.

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