Finding treasure, road side. [ezcol_1third]

It's well documented on this blog that one of my favourite things to do when we get a bit of down time is drive through the countryside. I love exploring small town charity shops and the kinds of cafes that serve salads and pies full of whatever's growing in the garden out back. I love pulling over for walks through the fields to see what's growing. And I love Love LOVE honesty boxes.

Take the back roads from somewhere to anywhere here in Australia and you're bound to find tables propped up next to driveways and farm gates piled high with the most beautiful produce for a price you're only too happy to pay. What I like so much about honesty boxes is their optimism; they wait patiently for someone to drive by, stop, take only what they need, pay what's asked, and leave the rest. It's surprising how surprising their trusting nature is for us city folk, but I guess I just like knowing that they're out there, standing for the kind of goodness that sometimes feels like it belongs to a bygone world unless you go out looking for it.

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