[ezcol_1third] Five months ago, when I was still dreaming up plans for The Spring Shop, one of first things I imaged for my little business was that it would one day win a spot at The Finders Keepers.  As I began to appreciate just how competitive that process can be I didn't love my chances, so it was a moment of pure elation when we were selected for the Brisbane winter markets.

Although I spent weeks planning for the big event I was completely bowled over and caught slightly off guard by the scale of the whole thing. By 10:30 on Saturday morning  it was a mob scene in front of our tables and by noon I was frantically calling home for more stock and volunteers to help serve customers. My gorgeous mother-in-law stepped in to help me man the stall for the whole rest of the weekend and it was hugely fun to  share the craziness of it all with her. I'm so grateful to everyone who came by, to my family whose help I could not have done without, and to the organisers for putting on the most brilliant weekend.

If you didn't make it to Finders Keepers this time around, the next Brisbane markets will be in November... Hopefully we'll see you there! If you did come out I'd love to hear about your favourite finds... And if you took any snaps of your own please share them with us on insty!

1. Bespoke Letter Press 2. Blue Caravan 3. The Old Museum Garden 4. Bespoke Letter Press 5. More stalls! 6. Aqua Door Designs 7.  Love & Clutter 8. Loose Leaf Paper 9. Food stalls in the garden 10.  the verandah 11. Zillpa 12. Travelling Wares 13. The Old Museum at sunset on Sunday

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