Slow Food | Braised Beef

Vegetarians may want to look away now...

... Because this recipe is all about a beautiful braise of beef.  Putting on a full roast dinner with all the trimmings can be intimidating, expensive, and with the tiny size of the oven in The Spring Cottage, I couldn't manage even if I wanted to. Instead, I love doing a slow cooked one-pot wonder that infuses the whole house with the smells of  a French brasserie. I prefer using a beef eye round roast (about $7) with vegetables in a rich, hearty broth that takes about 5 minutes to prepare, 4 hours to cook, lasts at least 3 meals, and leaves me with only 1 bit of washing up.

Recipe: In a lidded casserole dish place cut of meat and add 1 chopped onion, a few peeled cloves of garlic, a few peeled carrots (chopped if they're large, I left my little ones whole) a bay leaf, and a sprig of rosemary • Cover almost with sodium-reduced beef stock almost to the top, and cover the rest of the way with red wine. • Place in a 300F (150C) oven for 31/2 - 4 hours.