Q. Who is your style inspiration?

A. I follow lots of fashion and design blogs for inspiration, but the biggest influence on how I choose clothes is my mother. She loves the feel of beautiful fabrics and taught me to prioritise good quality textiles and tailoring. I still wear blouses, jackets, skirts, and accessories she bought in her twenties which just goes to show, the classics never go out of style.

Q. Describe your style in one sentence.

A. I suppose my style is quite classic - I like to look and feel relaxed and put together, which suits my lifestyle.

Q. What is your favourite piece of clothing in your wardrobe? Favourite accessory?

A.  Hard to choose, but my favourite would have to be a pair of slim fit, dark European denim jeans I picked up in the David Lawrence summer sale earlier this year - they're so soft and comfortable with the most incredibly flattering cut that I reach for them almost daily. I also love clean white shirts. From slinky silk blouses to crisp white button downs to slouchy tees, I have a white shirt for every occasion and they're always so fresh. My favourite accessory is a simple over-sized menswear inspired gold watch. I just love how it looks with every outfit!

Q. How has your style evolved over time?

A. Certainly moving from a cold climate to a warmer one has forced my style to evolve and I'm probably a more casual dresser here in Queensland. There was a side of me that was drawn to hippy dippy clothes in my youth but I've now grown out of - for the most part - in favour of a more sophisticated mix.

Q. What are your tips for making classic pieces feel updated and fresh?

A. One tip is to have fun with scale in prints and accessories. For example, most days I wear a collection of delicate earrings, rings, and bracelets plus one large man's watch to throw off the proportion of the mix. My other best tip is to add at least one 'fancier' piece in with your practical, everyday clothes. I love to swap sneakers out for a pair of purple velvet slippers with shorts and a tee, or arrange a beautiful vintage silk scarf over a simple jumper and jeans. That play of super casual with more opulent pieces is really elegant and interesting when done well.

Q. Where are your favourite places to buy clothes online?

A. I love Gorjana for jewelry, ASOS for bargains and basics, Style Milk for Aussie designers, and of course Net A Porter for a peek at what's happening in fashion internationally.

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