The Spring Cottage has been repainted from top to bottom, and the result feels like a real breath of fresh air. We haven't got all our furniture arranged yet - some new pieces are still being made or on their way - but I can't wait to show how much lighter and brighter our shady little home is looking!

I also want to share my paint colours, because picking the right shade of white can be tricky. One good tip is to consider your whites in relation to the flooring. For example, we have cork tiles in the kitchen and family room that have faded over the years to an orangey-brown (sprucing them up is definitely a project for another day!) A white paint with creamy undertones would look even more yellow with the reflection of the orange and the whole scheme would turn way 70's in a hot  minute .

In the end I chose Dulux Lexicon Quarter in a matte finish for all the walls and crown mouldings, and the same colour in a more durable gloss finish for our doorways and windowsills. It has a blue undertone that cancels out the yellowness of the flooring and reads a true white. The ceilings were painted Vivid White, just a fraction of a shade lighter than the walls. I love the effect and I wonder... what are your favourite shades of white paint? Do you have any tips for picking the perfect one?