Breaking up is Hard to Do

This week I quit my gym. Or rather I'm trying to quit my gym. It feels as though I'm trapped in a bad sitcom sub-plot about a woman wanting to wriggle out from her contract but foiled at every turn by the fine print and scripted rebuttals of an endless parade of muscle-bound sales hunks. The thing is, now that spring has sprung, I'm just not loving the idea of riding an elevator and pushing through the turnstiles to lift weights or mince about on an elliptical trainer as the Euro beats blare in a fully climate controlled over crowded inner city corporate fitness facility. Nup. I want to be outside, preferably at the beach, filling my lungs with fresh sea air and getting my kicks by kicking my butt the good old fashioned way.

And afterwards, when I'm cooling down on the boardwalk trying to look... you know... cool... I'm pretty excited that I'll be wearing these. {Nice style segue, neh?} They're my new(ish) House of Harlow Chantel sunglasses in 'Bloom' that I've been meaning to show you up close for a while. I'm loving the cat-eye shape that's big but not gimmicky and the detail of the classic tortoiseshell print in a pretty petal palate. Hopefully the sun will be out this weekend and I'll be sporting them, and the smug grin of a woman unbound by an unwanted contractual obligation, Bondi-side.

How do you stay fit in the city? Have you found a gym or class that works for you? Do you work out alone and if so, how do you stay motivated?