The Steam Room

This weekend we'll be hanging around the city without set plans... Though rain or shine I expect there'll be plenty of lazing about in front of Olympics coverage, I'll do my usual lap of the local farmers' market, and I'll certainly be spending some quality time spent here... in my sanctuary from a very chilly apartment... the steam room at my health club. It's so drippingly damp that paper instantly wilts, ink runs, and electronics go all foggy... So it's just me in there with no distractions... only the heat, my open pores, and the voice in my head that tells me to stretch out and breath more deeply. I think it might be my favourite place in this whole city from June to August. Put another way, the steam room is to my winter what the ocean is to my summer... the perfect meditative place for body and mind.

Have a beautiful weekend!

(p.s. for the greatest bit of steam room inspiration ever click over here!)