[ezcol_1third] It's taken me a while to get this post together but here it finally is... Part 2 of my photos and recommendations from our recent road trip up Queensland's Discovery Coast to the twin towns of Agnes Water and 1770. In my first post I showed snaps from Workingman's Beach and Bustard Bay so today I'll get into more detail about the best of the rest...

Getaway 1770 Accommodation & Cafe

First, about the sleeping and eating. We stayed at 1770 Getaway, a beautiful property just across the road from a secluded beach covered in tropical gardens and dotted with self-catered villas. Our little one bedroom cottage was super comfortable, private, and great value for money which is exactly how we like it. Beyond being a place to put your feet up, the thing that really made this spot stand out for us is the gorgeous on-site cafe. Elvis, his wife Carla and mum Vera serve great quality Merlo coffee and bake the most incredible treats daily on site. They also bring up lots of speciality ingredients from Brisbane too so if you like your museli gourmet, proper sour dough with your eggs or are looking for beautiful gluten-free meals the 1770 Getaway Garden Cafe is definitely your go-to foodie haven in the area. If you do find yourself out that way, try the veggie stack with a vanilla slice for dessert... you won't regret it!

Spring's Beach Walk

We like to balance our eating with hiking, so we loved that just down the road from Getaway 1770 we found the turn-off to Spring's Beach and a walking trail to about a dozen other beaches and coves winding down the coast from it. The track is rough - it's best taken on in a 4X4 - but the short white knuckle drive is well worth it. You can follow a path from Spring's Beach down the coast for mile after mile of straight-from-an-Errol-Fynn-flick beaches and windswept headlands. Because 1770 is at the south tip of the reef, shell collecting is at its best here, and in a whole day of exploring we weren't disturbed by another soul. Magic.

Lady Musgrave Reef Cruise

See that boat on the horizon? It's the Lady Musgrave cruise which takes passengers out to the Great Barrier Reef for a day of snorkelling, exploring Lady Musgrave Island, luncheoning, and whale watching if you're lucky. We weren't lucky. The wind off-shore picked up over our time up the Discovery Coast and the cruises were cancelled due to high seas every day we tried to go. It was a huge let down because visiting the reef has been a dream ever since my class studied Australia in year 4 of primary school... so I am determined to go back and try again before too long.

Honeymoon Beach

It's hard to pick from the unspoilt might-as-well-be-private beaches on offer around 1770 and Agnes Water, but Honeymoon Beach is a bit special. The trail down from the anchor monument just off the parking lot at the 1770 headland is marked with a scattering of white shells all the way down the steep descent to this tiny bay. There's a Robinson Curose style shelter set back from the waves for anyone who wants to play castaway, and it's a quiet, perfect swimming spot close to the centre of action but off the tourist map.

A sunset kayak

Apparently, 1770 is the only town on the east coast of Australia where you can watch an ocean sun set from a kayak... and that's not the sort of thing we're in the habit of passing on. We got in on one of Simon and his wife Janina's daily kayak tours of Bustard Bay, which included a few hours of paddling time, a bit of cake and cask wine on a secluded beach, and the as-promised spectacular sunset. Through the crystal clear waters we managed to spot little fish, crabs, pelicans, rays, dolphins, and what may have been a very quick moving turtle. The last 10 minutes or so were pretty chilly and we did get very wet, but the whole scene was spectacular and well worth the next day's sore muscles! Kayak tours leave from the 1770 maria and you can check out the 1770 Liquid Adventure site here if you're planning a trip.

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