[ezcol_1third] I'm not sure whether this is a recipe or a quick DIY job ... Either way, these tarts baked in mason are lids are pretty darn cool and putting them together requires next to no finesse. They're speaking my language.

1. Leave a sheet of frozen pastry (puff or shortcrust) out on the counter to defrost. Keep covered or it will dry out.

2. Turn pastry out onto a floured board. Cut out rough circles of pastry slightly larger than the circumference of your mason jar lids. Press the pastry discs into the lids, assemble on an oven tray, and bake at 350°F/180°C until just golden.

3. Make your filling. I made apple and raspberry tarts because there's everyone's favourite around The Cottage. Peel and chop a few apples, toss in some raspberries, heat in a saucepan until soft.

4. Fill your tart shells and stick them back in the oven until the pastry is deeply golden and flaky and the fruit is bubbling and oozy. Serve warm. Enjoy!

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