Today I’m over at A Beach Cottage with a very cool DIY tutorial for how to make your own mason jar pendant light. If you’ve been loving the look of these beauties on Pinterest and in hipster cafes, click on over to get the full version of my super simple instructions so you can craft your very own. Read on here…

DIY mason jar pendant lights
how to make mason jar lamps


  1. by cathie on August 11, 2013  8:08 am Reply

    Hi Catherine(from another Catherine)
    I just discovered your blog - from sunny Queensland !. I live in Eumundi on the Sunshine Coast so I will really enjoy the local content. I particularly loved your posts on 1770 -it's a place we've been visiting for 35 years and one of my all time favourite places in the world. Thanks!

    • by Catherine on August 11, 2013  9:18 am Reply

      Hi Cathie, I'm so glad you've found + are loving The Spring Blog. I've not yet made it up to Eumumdi but would love to go... I hear it's an absolutely beautiful place! Since discovering 1770 I have to say it's one of my favourite places too... and I love how it feels off the beaten track. Have a wonderful week, and that's for your lovely comment! x Catherine

  2. by Lauren Ritchie on August 12, 2013  11:44 am Reply

    Hi Catherine,
    I'm really enjoying your blog and as a Brisbanite myself I really enjoy the local content too. I've been spotting gorgeous pendant lights and am very impressed by the ones you created. I was hoping to find out where you bought the actual light fitting? Somewhere local perhaps? I'm trying to create something a little like this....

    • by Catherine on August 14, 2013  7:57 am Reply

      Dear Lauren,

      Thanks so much for your very kind comment. To be honest I smashed the turquoise lamp cord out of a cheap acrylic table lamp I bought at my local Spotlight... I just wanted it for the mason jar lamp prototype and now it's a permanent feature in my guest room/office!

      If you go to bunnings you can only buy light cords with a fitting for the ceiling, not with a wall plug, so that's no help at all! I'll let you in on a little secret - I actually have my own line of lamp cords in production for The Spring Shop and they should be ready to go in about two months' time... so if you like the fabric wrapped cord that'll soon be an option. Otherwise, check Ebay?

      Hope that all helps, x Catherine

  3. by Tori on August 17, 2013  2:09 am Reply

    Just discovered your gem of a blog! This diy is brilliant. I love it! Thanks for sharing:)

    Much love from Tori @

  4. by pat on November 10, 2013  1:03 am Reply

    I,ve been making these for months, but use a night light bulb

  5. by SLFJ on March 31, 2014  2:17 am Reply

    Hi, I really like the look of your pendant hook. It looks nice and blends in while still looking sturdier than most that I've seen. What brand/type is it? Thanks!

    • by Catherine on March 31, 2014  1:12 pm Reply

      Hi! Thanks for your kind words about the light! The Mason Jar light is actually my own design, and is available exclusively through my shop - Have a wonderful day. Catherine

  6. by LJP on April 8, 2014  11:00 pm Reply

    :you can add color to a clear mason jar- it's frosted looking and uses food coloring (gel type) and white glue) :

    I'd also suggest using LED lights, so you don't have to worry about heat. They come in some pretty good safe if you are using this for a reading light.'

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