by Catherine on July 16, 2013

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Of all the beautiful surprises I’ve been met with in Queensland, local strawberries at mid-winter are certainly one of the sweetest. We’ve been loving them this week, along with impromptu picnics in our woolly jumpers. It’s only a little thing, but to me it’s comforting that when it comes to stawberry season at least, my Northern Hemisphere sensibilities and topsy-turvy Antipodean life are for once perfectly in synch.

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As someone who has recently moved here from Adelaide I’m also enjoying the varieties of berries available in the middle of winter. Along with the beautiful warm sunny days – winter here is awesome! I’ve been on the lookout for great local blogs and yours is definitely that, I love all the pretty things you have on offer :)


Jane's Adventures in Dinner

They look just amazing! Our version of winter strawberries is getting our summer bounty out of the freezer.


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