And now for the final instalment in the series of vacation snaps from Queensland’s Discovery Coast… Our most exciting day in 1770 was spent LARC’ing around Bustard Bay and Eurimbula National Park… and since I couldn’t bring myself to narrow down our photos beyond these 10 I thought they deserved a post all their own.

The landscape of the sand dunes and the turquoise water of Bustard Bay is like something from another planet and was so, so memorable – as was our transportation for the day. The pink amphibious minibus or LARC is an impressive American relic from the Viet Nam War era that rolled across beaches, forded creeks, chugged through open ocean and bumped its way up the steep climb to Bustard Head (the site of Queensland’s first lighthouse). The are has an incredible human and natural history which our guides wove into some pretty good old yarns as they brewed pots of billy tea over the lunchtime camp fire. The afternoon was dedicated to sand surfing on waxed down boogie boards which was exactly as awesome as it sounds.

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