by Catherine on May 16, 2013

in The Spring Shop


We have a bit of a good news / bad news situation at The Spring this morning? Which would you like first? Let’s start with the good…

Our beeswax birthday candles have finally arrived at The Spring Shop!  I love how long, elegant, and beautiful each individually hand-made taper is. Here’s why they’re so gorgeous: These candles are 100%  all natural beeswax, which means they’re slow burning, smell faintly of  honey, they’re completely edible and therefore will not deposit any melted toxic junk on your birthday cake the way dollar store candles do.

Which brings me around to the bad news… My trusty camera (an Olympus Pen EPL1) which has been the life force of this blog for two and a half years broke down on me and been sent off to Sydney for ‘diagnosis’. I wanted to take my own photos to demonstrate how I plan to style these candles… but that’s not going to be possible for a little while yet. Instead I offer a collection of images from our boards on the Pinterest. (See how I turned that frown upside down?) Have a wonderful day!

beeswax birthday candles

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