by Catherine on March 25, 2013

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My smiling face does not tell a lie – Saturday was an amazing real-life début for The Spring Shop!

When the alarm went off at 3:00am  (THREE O’CLOCK AM!) I made a travel mug of tea and set off down the dark, deserted highway to New Farm Park puffy-eyed and bespectacled (3am is NOT the time to be doing battle with contact lenses). All my toes and fingers were crossed as I willed the sun to shine, my gazebo to assemble, and the crowds to gather. Eventually, as dawn broke over The Powerhouse Markets, everything went off without a single hitch! There was jst one thing I’d have done differently… Should’ve painted my nails. Setting up and running a stall outdoors all day is dirtier work than I thought, and no one wants their super cute neo-traditional food, craft, and lifestyle goodies handed over by an enthusiastic girl with visible grime under her nails! That kind of inattention to detail is NOT part of our brand strategy.

Mangy mani aside, it was incredible to receive such glowing feedback from so many shoppers about our stock, our style, and the potential for our store to blow up! It was so cool to see other people getting lit up by spools of twine, little camera stamps, and mason jars with handles just like I do. That kind of validation is nothing short of addictive!

So, by popular demand, we’ve decided to make The Spring Shop a regular feature at The Jan Power’s Powerhouse Markets in the coming months – you’ll find us there on the 2nd and 4th Saturdays of each month – weather permitting! We’re also planning to ‘pop-up’ a few other places around South East Queensland in the near future, so if there are any rockin’ markets in your area where you’d like to come see us, let me know in the comments below!

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Sarah B

Yay, that’s really great! Very motivating too, no? Well done :)



Glad it went well. If I’d had time, would have definitely come and checked it out. You should think about coming to The Village Markets at Burleigh Primary School sometime in the future. Those markets are awesome and I’m sure people would love your stall :)



Myfanwy, Thanks! I’m applying for a stall at The Village Markets today! I love those markets too, Sarah and Marissa do a great job, and hooking up with them has been part of my plan all along. Plus there are so many cool bloggers and readers down the coast, I’m super excited to hang out! I’ll let you know where I’m going to be and when, and hopefully we’ll be able to say a real-life hello!



Erica // cupcakes+coffee breaks

Wish I could’ve gone! When my finances permit, I’ll definitely be ordered some stuff from the shop… those straws are just amazing, and I love the little teacup candle. Also, for some reason, I’ve become obsessed with twine lately. So glad you had a good time, and were so successful!


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