Katoomba (Part 1)

by Catherine on June 11, 2012

in Best of Sydney

This weekend I fell in love with Katoomba and the Blue Mountains. After only a few hours of taking in the town and its  views I was scouting the real estate agents’ front windows displays looking for a little cottage to make my own. It’s only wishful thinking, but Katoomba and it’s town-next-door Leura are such lovely spots and the perfect distance from the city too – far enough to really feel the restorative benefits of a getaway and close enough that the 7:18 train from Sydney’s Central Station get you up in plenty time to catch the morning light and and intense mist blanketing the breathtakingly sapphire-tinted Jamison valley.



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ahh my god those photos are unreal! I’m loving the fur coat too




Sarah B

It’s is such a beautiful spot. I went there many years ago and thought it was very special. One day I hope to get back. Your photos are just lovely, especially with the mist :)


Michelle @ The Modernity Project

Looks dreamy, the perfect escape (and the perfect opportunity to pull out that fabulous fur)!


Tegan @ Teganias Thoughts

You look amazing. I love Katoomba too, so beautiful (with such good coffee shops!)



Looks so gorgeous! Brings back a lot of memories of growing up and our regular trips through the mountains to Bathurst. Gorgeous!


Australian Fashion Review Blog - Gems

Wow what beautiful pictures!

Gems x
Australian Fashion Review Blog



Just fantatishe. I really love my scarf, too!!


Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life in Australia

The Blue Mountains are my favorite place to escape to, sadly I haven’t done it enough whilst I’ve been living here. Funny that. When I’m here visiting I’m usually up there more. And oh my! How stunning you look!


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