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by Catherine on March 26, 2012

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juice_fasr_1 {We don’t have a juicer so I bought a litre of fresh veggie juice at my local juice bar and blended organic greens, apples, and other goodies into it for a day’s worth of detox smoothies}

This weekend I had the house to myself. Not unlike many women I relish a little alone time now and then to indulge in the things I don’t necessarily want my partner to see – I think Sex and the City termed this Secret Single Behaviour. Well… my secret single self was clearly a little… umm… pent up… because at 9pm on Friday night I found myself lying on the couch wearing nothing but track pants and a green clay face mask having just devoured an entire Margherita pizza and waiting for my nails to dry before diving into a gourmet ice cream sandwich so large it had to be held in both hands. And then I said stop. I mean, eat the ice cream cookie, then STOP. I decided right there to try a juice fast the next day and then to eat ‘clean’ (no sugar, no gluten, no refined carbs, no dairy) for at least three more days. Yes, it was time for an intervention… A diet reset.


Lots of people have reported amazing benefits from even a single day of juice fasting. I am not one of them. I felt terrible, weak, headachey, and completely unable to focus on even the simplest task or conversation from about 2pm onward. I woke up Sunday feeling stiff and vague, and to be honest I’m still not 100% even though I’m back on solid food and it was only 1 day. A reset like this may sound extreme, it felt extreme, but the point is to break bad habits and become more mindful of the choices we’re faced with at each snack and meal. Getting in touch with how badly my body reacted when all starchy, fatty, sugary foods were taken away was an important wake-up call if we assume that the difficulty of the detox was in proportion to my body’s addiction to unhealthy foods. I’m grateful for the awareness, and for how it’s inspired me to incorporate better choices into my everyday eating. I also picked up a body brush to use before showering, and I’m looking forward to seeing the benefits of increased circulation and (fingers crossed) reduced cellulite any day now. I’ll keep you posted.


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Jumping on a mini rebounder is the best way to increase circulation and improve your lymphatic system. I’m going to buy a new one and jump on it all winter hehe. I do the vege juice – doesn’t seem to do anything for me but some people get amazing benefits I hear. I also do the body brush – not sure it does much or not, but Miranda Kerr swears by it haha.



Good on you Catherine. I have wanted to do something like this for ages! And I think it would be much easier if the boy was away :P

I have heard a lot of people feel pretty horrible. On detoxing, especially if they are coffee drinkers and consume a bit of sugar, the withdrawals can apparently make you feel worse before you feel better. Also any toxins being released wll make you feel super sluggish.

Don’t worry – it will get better especially now you are eating in a good way for your body! I’m inspired to make a super healthy meal plan for this week now! Thanks x



I have these moments sometimes too… Usually after a week with way too many fast food lunches! I don’t know if I could do a proper cleanse but I usually try to have a ‘reset’ by getting a lot of fresh fruits and veggies and planning to have healthy dinners and lunches. I find if I’ve been eating a lot of junk I start to crave lots of fresh healthy things so it seems to work out well.

I’ve always wanted to try a body brush, I didn’t realise they are supposed to help cellulite too!


Carmen @ Forgotten Fancies

Oh no! I hoe you feel better soon. Maybe it is the sudden shock after a night of pizza and ice cream.
I have always like the idea of a body brush but am always so lazy in the morning, it seems like a better idea to sleep for that extra minute or so. I’m now motivated to try again, love to hear how you went. x


Melissa @ Melicious

I don’t know if I could ever do a proper juice detox, but I’m definitely going to start working more juices / green smoothies into my diet on a one-per-day basis. I’m intrigued by the idea of a full-on detox! … But I also know that I get really irate if I don’t eat every few hours. ^^;



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