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by Catherine on February 29, 2012

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Do you ever why your personal style has developed into what it is? Although I grew up in a big city, I’ve always had a love of the rustic, and I can’t help thinking this adult appreciation of country and vintage aesthetics has something to do with  my childhood spent lost in the books of Laura Ingles Wilder and Lucy Maude Montgomery. Especially in the kitchen I want things to feel really homey, an for a long time I’ve longed for a pretty calico or checked curtain covering (rather than matching doors) on a section of lower cabinetry. Hey, we all have dreams, right? Thanks to not owning (or needing) a dishwasher to fit in the dishwasher sized hole in my kitchen bench, my wish has finally been granted! I chose a pale grey and while paisley panel to balances the look of a pretty, traditional pattern with the more modern, muted tones echoed throughout our open plan kitchen/dining/living space. And it is just as cheerful as I always knew it would be.


DYI Materials: fabric from Spotlight ($15 for 1 meter) + a small curtain rod and bracket set from the hardware store ($8). Hint: If you measure your space ahead of time, the hardware store will cut the rod to the right length for free and it’ll be much easier to install than working with hooks and the elasticised cord you can buy at the fabric shop.


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OMG! Would you believe our house had one of these curtains when we moved in! But it was no where near as pretty as yours!

Now this space is for our bin…. I might need to DIY a curtain with your tips.

Sarah x



Fire hazard?
Hope you pull it aside when the oven is on.
Very very pretty, but safety first.
Luv from your Ma


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