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by Catherine on November 24, 2011

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I first met Madeline Veenstra at a Brisbane fashion bloggers meetup that she organised, and to be perfectly honest I had no idea that night that the sweet, young woman sitting across from me was one of the fastest rising bright young things of the online style world. Maddy, pictured below with her co-creator Coen Hyde, is the visionary behind Wikifashion. The site is the central resource for fashion on the web – a forum for user-generated content cataloguing brands, designers, shows, blogs, and everything else related to fashion. Maddy was a University of Queensland student in 2009 when she and Coen first launched the site. It’s grown so successfully that she’s now taken the full plunge, leaving her  job as an economist behind to devote herself to developing Wikifashion full-time. For now, Wikifashion and Maddy are still based here in Brisbane, but with the industry and blogosphere sitting up and taking notice, plans to relocate to New York are afoot for 2012. How exciting!



Q: What inspires you lately?

A: Other bloggers inspire me. Especially blogs that have a good mix of lifestyle, cooking and fashion. I adore Sweet Lime and Spiced Tea as well as your blog Catherine. It’s lovely to see fellow Brisbane girls with such unique taste.

Q: What is the most recent thing you’ve made?

A: I made a chocolate and meringue pie. It was my first deviation from the usually berry and apple pie. I was quite impressed with it, although the crust was a little disappointing.

Q: What item in your closet are you loving most this season?

A: Owning a startup doesn’t lend me to having too many outfit choices, unfortunately. I’m saved by the fact that I love to mix up my accessories. My favourites are my collection of statement necklaces. I adore my pink rose porcelain necklace.

Q: What is your ideal meal?

A:My ideal meal would be a lovely piece of baked fish with lemon, basil and olive oil, a light salad with lots of baby spinach and sumac. Along with an apple and berry crumble for dessert.

Q: How do you keep looking and feeling your best?

A:Working from home initially caused me to become quite lazy and graze too much. Now I make a point to exercise every day for at least 40 minutes and I love doing pilates around three times each week. I also drink a lot of hot and iced green teas during the day.

Q: What are your go-to beauty products?

A: I suffer from acne prone skin, so I have to be careful what products I use. While I was in the States in April I picked up the cleanser and lotion from Murad, I’ve used this everyday since and have seen a great improvement. My other essentials are Moroccan oil for my hair and coconut oil for my body. I’ve also been dry body brushing for almost 5 years now.

Q: What are your favourite local haunts?

A: I really like the Newsroom Cafe at Toowong, it was my local while I was in university. They make great French Toast. I also really like the italian hot chocolate at Six Degrees in Indooroopilly after seeing a movie at Eldorado cinema.

Wikifashion from Wikifashion on Vimeo.

You can follow Maddy on Twitter here, or find out more about becoming a Wikifashion contributor here.


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I love this little interviews! But one question? What is dry body brushing?



Courtney, dry body brushing is when you stroke your dry skin (always towards the heart) with one of those firm bristle brushes they sell in spa-type or health food stores. It improves blood circulation and therefore the texture of the skin. Give it a try, it gives you a real boost!



Such a great interview. I love getting inside the minds of people who have made a success online xx



Thanks Catherine, I will give it a try!


Melissa @ Melicious

Thank you so much for this ongoing feature! I love discovering Australian bloggers, and lo! You have compiled a great selection, all in the one place. :) Your interviews are really interesting, too.


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